CSV - Hidrolik seri bağlama valf

- Max.operating pressure: 250 bar

- Mix.operating pressure: 25 bar


Sipariş kot endikasyonu:  
Model No. Type Pressure range
Manifold type
25-250 kgf/cm2
CLSV-A 25-70 kgf/cm2
Line type
CLSV-B 25-70 kgf/cm2


This series of hydraulic sequence valve is especially ideal for your fitting on the circuit of fixture. The hydraulic cylinder motion sequences are decided by the pressure.

The sequence value features Type and Pressure Range compact construction and high pressure resistance .It requires no further control when fitting on the circle,

and provides a positive sequential motion control. 

This series provides two types mounting type for choice. A type is a manifold mounting type and B type is a line mounting type. You get a flexible choice of mounting types to suit your fixture design. 


You should set the pressure difference not be less than 10 kgf/cm2 when multiple sequence valves used in parallel circuit .
Setting the pressure difference and working pressure must be exceed 10 kgf/cm2.