NPSU - Pnömatik dönmeli bağlama clamp

Pnömatik dönmeli bağlama clamp NPSU
- Max. operating pressure: 7 bar
- Min. operating pressure: 4 bar
- Double acting    

Sipariş kot endikasyonu:


 NPSU     L  -  40 * 90





Rotating direction

Turn right R or turn left L

Hydraulic cylinder inside diameter



Rotating angle

Standard angle 90°

Order angle 0°,45°,60°


This product is main for clamp in fixture,compressed-air in and out through the hole on flange.
Aluminum alloy body Blackening , Surface heat-treatment for product good wear-resisting .
The top of flange have four screwholes for installation.      

Round nuts link the Piston rod and fixture.


When you need to increase the length of the clamping arm, please don't exceed 1.5 times of  the original length.